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Commercial Snow Removal

Lot & Sidewalk Snow Removal 

Let us manage the safety of your parking lot or sidewalks. Sleep rest assured knowing that our crews work day and night to provide your customers with a safe shopping experience. 

Lot & Sidewalk Salting

Along with snow removal we offer lot salting, which provides a timely manner of clearing those small snowfalls from your asphalt, providing safety to your customers.

Snow Disposal

Are you losing too many valuable parking spaces to mountains of snow? Let us haul it away for you. We have the equipment to handle any quantity of snow.

Commercial Snow Removal FAQs

How do I get snow removal for my business?

LKM works with every company to tailor to all your requested snow removal services. Our salesmen and coordinators will discuss with you the safest and most efficient way of snow removal maintenance. Your parking lot and sidewalk safety is our priority. Please contact us to discuss your snow removal requests so we can build a customized plan for you.