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Holiday Lighting Setup & Takedown



Holiday Spirit at Home!

We are central Illinois' exclusive provider of Brite Ideas Holiday Lighting. Let us customize a display for your home. We offer a hands-free ownership. That's right, not only do we set up and take down your lighting display, we will store it and maintain it for you. This assures your safety, along with professional installation.

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Holiday Lighting Setup & Takedown FAQs

There has been bad weather lately and my lights are not working, what happens now?

First you can call us about the outage.If the weather has caused the lights to stop working then a service call would occur, if it is found that the lights are not working due to a timer issue, or installation issues then no service fee occurs.

Can I store the lights myself?

We have a warehouse dedicated to storing all the holiday lighting.  It is climate controlled and all products are labeled specific to each individual.  We store the lights so that we can make sure the product is accessible when it is time to install the lights and also to make sure product does not get lost.  We do not store products at any of our customers' locations.

I purchased my lights a few years ago, about how long before I would have to consider replacing them?

On average we estimate the lights to last around 5 years depending upon the weather conditions they were in, and how long they were on during those years.Typically in 5 years people are looking to update to a different design as well.

I purchased my lights last season, how long are the lights under warranty?

The lights are under warranty for the entire first season and also for installation of the second season. If anything goes out in the first season it will be replaced at no charge.

When do you install the lights?

We install current customers before Thanksgiving, then turn the lights on the Monday after Thanksgiving, and then we take the lights down the second or third week of January. 

Can you install Christmas lights for me?

We offer a custom product that you would initially purchase from us and then we would install them, take them down, and store them for you each year. 

Most homes shown on our website started around $3,000 or more for the first year and then have about a quarter to a third of that cost each year to install, take down, and store the lights.  The first year has the most upfront cost because you would be purchasing the lights that year.